Are you having problems about sleep disorders? Sleep Labb (SLL Clinic), the sleep clinic helps you to get through insomnia, startled awake, and other sleep disorders by using CBD Oil (Medical Grade) which been carefully research and develop by the certified experts. Consult with sleep expert and get personalized AI Sleep Analysis to cope with your sleep disorder problems at the clinic. Alternatively, warm CBD oil massage and Thai massage with cannabis herbal compress provided by professional therapists are ready to treat you to the highest level of relaxation.

Sleep Labb (SLL Clinic) the expert for your Best Sleep Cycle.


Our Services :

1 .TTM Consultation + AI Sleep Analysis : Consult with doctor and get sleep analysis from AI system
Information : Measure body mass index (BMI) and get consultation with TTM about the symptoms of sleep disorders. TTM personally suggest the personalized portion and type of CBD Oil Tincture including relaxing treatment that would smoothen the symptom.
Price : 600 THB / Time

2. Cannabis Warm Oil Massage (60 mins.)
Information : Massage treatment with essential warm oil extract from cannabis. Warm temperature of the oil helps to relax muscle, smoothen skin, and reduce stiffness well. Price : 2,000 THB / Time (Course 5-time 9,000 THB)

3. Thai Massage with Cannabis Herbal Compress (90 mins.)
Information : Well-known massage combines with pressuring, triggering, stretching techniques, and cannabis herbal compressing.
Price : 1,600 THB / Time (Course 5-time 7,200 THB)

4. Insomnia Head & Scalp Massage (45 mins.)
Information : Meet the magic of fingers tip at your head and scalp which is the center of body nerves.
Price : 1,200 THB / Time

5. Thai Acupressure Massage (15 mins.) Information: Crucial manual triggering by focusing on specific area which cause insomnia or inflammation. This treatment improves blood circulation system leads to better sleep quality and provide you a relaxation.
Price : 800 THB / Time


Our Products :

  1. Sleep Labb CBD Oil Tincture (100% Purity) CBD 1,000 mg. / 10 ml.
    • - For patients who have normal level of sleep disorders problem less than 1 month
  2. Sleep Labb CBD : CBG Oil Tincture CBD 500 mg. & CBG 500 mg. / 10 ml.
    • For patients who have muscle pain, bones and joints problems, or numbness affects to sleep quality
  3. Sleep Labb CBD : CBN Oil Tincture CBD 500 mg. & CBN 500 mg. / 10 ml.
    • For patients who have sleep disorders caused by stress
  4. LRL Nano CBD Body Massage Cream 50g.
    • Partially consists of CBD which contains Anti-oxidant protect your skin while Tumeri Oil makes the skin looks healthier. Other benefits are skin tightening and lifting from Methyllsilanol mannuronate.
  5. LRL Nano CBD Moisturizing Oil 50 g.
    • Hydrate your skin with CBD ingredients. Anti-oxidant that contains (Organic Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Flower Oil, Rose Flower Oil, Rice Bran Oi, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil) and Vitamin E protect from dry skin and slow down wrinkles.


Contact Information : Location : 100 Grande Centre Point Ploenchit 30th fl. Zone B, Witthayu Road, Lumpini, Pathumvan, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours : Monday – Sunday (10.00 AM – 9.00 PM)
Facebook : SLL Clinic – Sleep Labb
Instagram : sleeplabb.official LINE OA : @sleeplabb
Email : [email protected] Tel : 02-651-5227



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