Relaxing the mind and revitalizing the body seems to be what everybody needs nowadays, after a hectic schedule, a busy lifestyle and a stressful city living. At Let’s Relax you can let loose, reward yourself, indulge, relax and enjoy the fineness pleasure of pampering yourself.

Let’s Relax is a boutique day spa that delicately offers fineness spa pleasure to perfectly balance the body and soul, offers high quality of equipment, products and treatments with experienced and well-trained therapists for a unique and remarkable experience for customers. This stand-alone day spa possesses its own unique characteristics; expertise therapists, hygienically guaranteed, terrific locations and excellent service.

Let’s Relax Day Spa aims to achieve the harmonious connection of body, mind and soul. Let’s Relax Day Spa provides highly trained therapists with experiences with modern trainings and professional licenses, who can provide various massaging styles in a professional manner. Massages are conducted on modern adjustable spa bed, comfortable mattress, relaxing soft leather chairs or imported Back and Shoulder chairs. Sterilized towels, blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases are being used for each individual treatment. Loose pajamas and disposable underwear are also provided for guest’s comfort (for selected treatments). Imported spa products such as Mineral Mud from Israel’s Dead Sea, Sea Salt Scrub are being used to ensure high quality. Spa Menus, available in 6 languages, are on-hand to provide the best spa experience for guests from around the world.

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