Introduces a whole new level of stretching experience providing bespoke program under supervision of licensed physiotherapist and cutting edge technology

Self-care trend is increasingly making a huge impact on people nowadays. We undeniably accepted that muscle pain is the top condition that affects us in daily life. To solve the problem of Urbanista’s health conditions, Stretch•me by Let’s Relax expands its subordinate by introduces the first stretching clinic provides expert advice for an individual issue. Stretch•me Clinic offering a variety of bespoke programs that combined hands-on therapy with physical modality machine under the supervision of experienced Physiotherapist. 

At Stretch•me Clinic, we customized a program plan individually by utilizing stretching techniques along with physical modality equipment. The programs crafted to serve those who suffer from chronic or acute muscular related issues, including muscles, tissues, bones or joints that interrupt their health and well-being. Prior to the stretching experience, diagnosis and physical assessment session will be precisely conducted and then our skilful physiotherapist will handpick the specialised techniques from the menu and tailor the most effective program depends on the problems of each guest. 

Manual techniques that we crafted on the menu including Massage and Trigger Point Technique to relieve muscle knots and muscle tightness, Joint Mobilization to ease joints stiffness issue and restore the quality of movement, Exercise Session for posture corrective, pain relief and muscle 

strength as well as Stretch•me Stretching Techniques that adopt the art of Static Stretching to help tune body balance, relieving body stress and pain. While physical modality equipment includes High Laser Power Machine, Ultrasound Machine and Electrical Stimulation Machine are being used to heal the deeper problem. 

•    Customized Physical Therapy Program
Consist of providing diagnosis, physical assessment and therapeutic stretching experience, the Customized Physical Therapy Program is a hands-on therapy program crafted for those who desire to improve muscle function and movement of joints. Our well-trained Physiotherapists will create a tailor-made program utilizing stretching techniques to serve the individual problems of each guest including mobilization, passive range of motion, manual traction and massage. 

•    Signature Physical Therapy Program
The combination of manual therapy and physical modality machine, this program is an ideal treatment to solve deeper tissue problems. After the diagnosis and physical assessment session, our well-trained Physiotherapists will design a personalized program that blended Ultrasound Therapy Machine with stretching techniques depending on the guest’s physical function to relieve pain and stiff muscles, ease frozen joints, reduce swelling tissues, improve circulation system, promote mobility and flexibility. 

•    Signature Plus Physical Therapy Program
The recommended program for those who looking for a treatment that rapidly relieves acute and chronic pain. Designed to relieve muscle pain, pamper tissue swelling problem, soothe inflammation and heals joint distortion. The program consists of diagnosis and physical assessment session, followed by corrective body structure and muscle healing using manual therapy along with specialized physical modality equipment. The High Power Laser Machine will be applied along with a personalized stretching program based on each guest’s physical function.

Customized Physical Therapy Program 60 mins THB 1,200, 90 mins THB 1,750, 120 mins THB 2,300
Signature Physical Therapy Program 60 – 75 mins THB 1,400
Signature Plus Physical Therapy Program 60 – 75 mins THB 1,800

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